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Be a part of our 2023-24 Annual Banner Campaign!

Rowan County faces an unprecented challenge...

We are inviting local businesses and organizations like yours to partner with our organization by helping us to raise funds to support our students through our annual “Banner Campaign.” This year’s campaign target is $25,000, which will help us provide school supplies, clothing, and food for needy students, emergency resources, and referral services for families in crisis. Banners with the names and logos of our sponsors are posted in the schools we serve near the entrances to our offices, where over 3,900 Rowan County students and their families will see them every school day. (Please see the attached form for our sponsorship opportunities.)


Will you help us meet this unprecedented challenge?


...Thank you!

BAnner 2023.jpg

Thanks again for helping us to continue building the relationships that keep kids in school, on the path to graduation and success in life!

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