2014 - 2015 Quick Facts

Communities in Schools of Rowan County Impact

What's Amazing

Stayed in School 99%
Improved Attendance 78%
Improved Behavior 92%
Improved Academically 86%
Had no or fewer suspensions 100%
Improved attitude/commitment to school 100%
Promoted 89.5%

Volunteer Statistics

New Volunteers Trained 370
Active Volunteers 2,771
Volunteer Hours 15,773.77

School Sites

North Rowan Elementary
Handford Dole Elementary
Koontz Elementary
Isenberg Elementary
Knox Middle School
North Rowan Middle School


Part-time 10
Full-time 2

Level One Students

Received services at school level. 

Elementary Students 1,968
Middle School 1,024

Level Two Students

Case managed

Elementary Students 216
Middle Students 122