At CIS, we spend years proving to our students that they are not alone. Day after day we provide them with love and support and accountability until they reach that seemingly unachievable milestone of high school graduation. And then, all too often, they really are alone. 


That changes in just two weeks, on May 16, with the launch of the CIS Alumni Leadership Network (ALN) on LinkedIn. The ALN aims to provide alumni with the same community of support they received from us in high school. In school, they had at least one caring adult looking out for them; in the ALN, they are the caring adults responsible for providing each other with advice, encouragement and moral support.


Please go here to sign up and join the ALN,


The best part about the ALN is that it was created under the direction of 14 alumni from across the country over the past year. They identified the opportunities alumni will get access to, such as: 

  • Paid leadership opportunities.
  • Access to networks - both within and outside CIS.
  • Monthly online trainings on smart spending, job skills, public speaking and more!